Who We Are

Wordworks is a team of highly specialized professionals, each in complementary disciplines. They have a wealth of corporate experience that goes beyond classroom training. Modules are covered by multiple instructors so that each training experience is complete, specific and effective.

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Lisa Marie Gelhaus

  • USA
  • English, Italian
  • No Fear Public Speaking, Convincing Persuasion

“I’ve decided to leverage my extensive professional experience in Italian companies and communications agencies to guide entrepreneurs, managers and professionals. My goal is to help them express their ideas effectively so they can achieve the excellent results they desire. I’ve joined forces with some amazing professionals for a WordWorks that surpasses my own imagination.”

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Turan Tanin

  • Turkey
  • Italian, Turkish, English, French
  • from Fear to Freedom, PNL

  1. “One out of every two people is afraid of speaking in public. I teach our clients to go from FEAR TO FREE so they can have fun expressing their real selves in public and at the same time, discover their full potential”

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Baraah Hamoudi

  • U.A.E., Syria
  • Arabic, English, Italian
  • Meet the Press,, Be your best in Video, Idea Organization and Ghost writing

“I am as comfortable in front of a camera* as I am before an audience. With my help, professionals learn how to manage both situations. Neither are easy, but I like to work through the uncertainty so they can be at their very best while communicating themselves and their company effectively”.
*Baraah is an experienced news-show journalist.

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Russell Bekins

  • USA
  • English, Italian
  • Charisma, convincing Persuasion, Clarity

Convincing people means inviting them into your world. They will come willingly if you ask them the right questions, tell your story well, and keep it simple. I’d love to share with you the techniques and tools I’ve developed, so your ‘inviting’ will be easy and natural”

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Alessia Marie Cova

  • Italy
  • Italian, English
  • Say it with Images, Conent that Matters

“I comunicate throught the colors and forms of photgraphy and illustration. In Wordworks I match images with words to construct compelling business stories ”.

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Bruno Vacciano

  • Italy
  • Italian, English
  • Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Leadership

“Public Speaking is the art of building mindful, intentional and authentic relationships.

In other words: the same ingredients of good leadership.”

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