Business Presenting

Our intensive Public Speaking courses take place on-site at companies with the aim of training managers and entrepreneurs to become experts in the art of Business Presenting and achieve goals in any type of conversation.

In addition to standard courses, personalized and tailor-made courses are available, all of them created to meet specific needs. Our courses can be held in in English, French, and many other languages.

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No Fear Public Speaking

We teach managers and employees the why and how of Public Speaking so they can excel in presentations, pitches, job interviews and corporate meetings.

Length: four 4-hour sessions


  • Prepare and organize the content
  • Build the visual presentation
  • Manage your fear
  • Use paraverbal language for incisiveness

The course includes the delivery of a final speech and numerous other practical exercises. If needed, we can include elements of intercultural communications training and meeting management.

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Full Immersion Public Speaking & Team Building

This is our “No Fear Public Speaking” course compacted into a weekend retreat. We organize everything for a quiet weekend away, without distractions. It is an emotional and extremely effective learning experience.

Length: one weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon (16 hours of training).

Who: : a group of managers from the same company or corporate group (5-10 people)


  • Prepare the content
  • Building the visual presentation
  • Managing fear
  • Using paraverbal language for incisiveness
  • On request, we can include elements of intercultural communications training and meeting management.
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Storytelling and Modern Techniques for sales teams

Every one of us starts selling with our first infant gurgles. But few manage to make a successful career in Sales.
The course starts by showing how Persuasion works on humans and provides tools for an elegant approach to the discipline which is fundamental not only for salespeople, but for everyone who needs to present themselves or their company. (Yes, that’s everyone!)

Length: four 4-hour sessions

Who:: entrepreneurs, managers and sales force


  • Persuasion techniques
  • Effective business storytelling
  • Use of paraverbal language to be incisive
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How-To Workshops

These are mini-workshops that are concentrated into one or two sessions, combining theory and practice.  Designed for specific needs and immediate results!

  • Length: four hours in one or two sessions.
  • Who: Anyone who wants to get better knowledge about a specific communication area.

Building a killer visual presentation 

Learn from an expert not just the technical side of the software, but also how to use graphics for more effective communications generally.

How to appear in video and get your message across to journalists

Have you ever been on video? If someone were to interview you, what would you do? This workshop will prepare you for what might be a career-changing experience. Best to be ready, don’t you think?

Powermoves: introduction to body language

Experts point out that a large part of audience comprehension and emotional engagement is based on speakers’ non-verbal language. With our words we try to communicate the messages we have in our heads, but our body language does not always reflect our intellectual flights. When the two realms seem disconnected, audiences intuitively turn away.  This workshop will raise your awareness and help you improve your paraverbal communication.

CEO Reputation

The CEO is the main representative of a company.  His or her leadership and communication styles define how the company is perceived by all who come in contact with them. This Workshop helps CEOs and their immediate collaborators to do a perception checkup and identifies areas for improvement.

Academic Writing in English

The most common language for the world academic and technical publications is English, and the writing style required is more than a little tricky.  With this workshop, learn how to write an excellent first draft, so the editing process isn’t a total – and expensive – rewrite.

Public Speaking for training professionals

There are two categories of trainers – those who think they’re good enough at communicating in the classroom and those who would like to improve on a good thing. Our workshop is for the second group. Short and sweet and immediately effective.

Finding your Voice

If the eye is the window to the soul, the voice is our very essence.  Learn how to use your voice, listening, pauses and vocal variety to express your true self.

Magnificent Meetings

In a 2018 survey by Doodle of over 6,500 professionals, more than a third (37%) consider unnecessary meetings to be the biggest cost to their organization. This workshop will help you design more goal-oriented and time-friendly meetings that produce real decision-making.