why should you learn

how to speak in public?

In the age of information, we are drowning in information!

Truly successful people are those who can leverage that information and ideas and convey them in ways that are efficient, brief and convincing.

When business is international, communication is complicated with all kinds of obstacles: language, culture, digital transmission and remote collaboration. Competent public speakers emerge and capture attention, support and collaboration for their projects, brands and companies.
We can teach you this fundamental skill.

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with wordworks you will
be better at

Presenting and selling (at home and abroad)
Pitching to investors
Opening new markets abroad
Running efficient meetings
Talking about your business to the press
Advancing your career and being more persuasive
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who we are

We are international instructors.
We help companies, managers, sales teams and performers
to communicate better..
We organize courses and coaching in English, Italian and Arabic.


Our courses are Italian, English or Arabic. They’re built on your company’s specific needs. We conduct them on site at your facilities or in comfortable, professional venues that we select along with our clients.

Our instructors are highly experienced professionals who have worked for decades in companies, agencies and classrooms.

We employ the latest research in communications and psychology to design courses that are tailored to your needs.

Our courses are fun and memorable. Most of all they are immediately applicable after the very first lessons.

our courses
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American school children learn public speaking from an early age. It’s considered a fundamental life skill. That training continues throughout college and in corporations.
In recent years, what we know about verbal communication has been enriched by a wealth of advances in neuroscience and by a deepened comprehension of what Goleman cals Social Intelligence. Add to that the simplicity of established approaches such as Carnegie, Toastmasters and TedTalks and now you know how we’ve modelled WordWorks.

Our inspiration is American, but we are also profoundly European and Middle Eastern.
In a word: WordWorks is international.

Here’s what your team will achieve with wordworks

Compelling and engaging communication

to-the-point messages
Brevity and authoritativeness
The ability to persuade and call to action

our clients say:

Costantino Marmo, full professor at the University of Bologna, former President of the School of Humanities and Cultural Heritage

“Before beginning her current entrepreneurial endeavor, Lisa Marie Gelhaus held several practical workshops for our students on Public Speaking and Event Management. The students were highly engaged and excited about the skills they learned in a new framework. It wasn’t just theory but practical experience in expressing themselves to an audience, identifying communication goals, and especially freeing themselves of both the fear and a tendency to bore their audience. The students raved about the content and about the fun they had. I know that Lisa proposes the same tenor of initiatives and the same level of energy for WordWorks’ clients.”


Roberto Cobianchi, Owner, Mimulus Digital Marketing

“Lisa consulted me when I was preparing a presentation for a conference in Denmark. Her innovative method was easily applied to my talk. With her help, my words were spot-on and perfectly comprehensible to the conference’s international audience.”

Andrea Bernardoni, Director, Academya Lingue

“I watched WordWorks develop from the original idea to a dynamic agency. Through it, Lisa Marie Gelhaus and her colleagues offer professional, comprehensive communications training; every aspect is honed to perfection. Both my students and those of the Bologna AlmaMater Studiorum-Bologna Business School (for whom I organize courses) had glowing praise for her work there. Clearly, the service she offers is excellent.”